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Look How Funky They Are: New Toon! Movie Jam 2!

2012-10-03 11:43:04 by EthanAlways

So as many of you know this past week NG held Movie Jam 2, which was a great success from what I've seen

from other teams. I'd like to congratulate all teams who participated! Every one put out some awesome stuff!

With that said, I'm proud to have participated, myself. Upon approaching the end of the year (almost a year

from when I first joined) I am so glad to have been involved in Movie Jam and had the opportunity to work

with some truly talented people, making my first year one to remember as I look forward to many more.

Team Look How Funky They Are consisted of redminus, Veselekov, and myself: EthanAlways.

And I must say with all being said and done I am incredibly proud of our teams over all product.

If you haven't seen our new creation check it out and send a little love our way! Also Too Scared To Poop!

Be sure to support by following me and my team! ----> FOLLOW!

Look How Funky They Are: New Toon! Movie Jam 2!


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2012-10-03 14:10:39

lol it's really nice :D i think i would like to see more +1fan :3

EthanAlways responds:

Thanks man! Much appreciated! :)


2012-10-03 18:46:28

How the Fuck did u got 18 fans so fast X.X I am jealous of you :(


2012-10-03 18:46:57

I am not mean I am nice ok ;)

EthanAlways responds:

Ha ha well I had 11 before the video is I've actually only gained 7.


2012-10-15 16:16:32

I got 20 fans :) and got 28 fans how about we both have fan contast games and what i mean is who ever have the most fans til November 23 , 2012 is the winner and ur in it compete with me alright :P

EthanAlways responds:

Hmm, and what are the rules of the contest?


2012-10-16 16:13:06

just only one and one battle and that's it which is me and u ^_^. and the only rule of this game is no cheating like creating another newgrounds account and use it to get more fans :P

EthanAlways responds:

It should be content based too, like you can't just ask people to fan you. You have to do something to get people to fan you, like actual content.