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Finally on the Front Page!!!

2012-12-11 17:58:12 by EthanAlways

What's up everyone!?

First of all I'm super stoked that I'm finally pushing forward in making my first
episode of a cartoon that I started working on in Flash during the middle of school.
Of course, because of school I've had to put it off. So once I'm done with my last final (tomorrow)
I will be on it FULL FORCE!

I also may be doing a small casting call for characters for a second episode,
but I'm not sure what kind of voices I'll need.

Also, In case some of you haven't seen it, I voiced two characters and did all the music for this cartoon, "Minetales"
So check that out!

On a side note, I hope everyone one is getting prepared to have a very merry Christmas this year
with all of your friends and family! Make it a good one!

Lastly! I just got a new Twitter: EthanAlways
So you can follow me at ALL TIMES!!! Not just as an animator/voice actor, but as a friend. Awwwh. cute.

Or! Just follow me here on Newgrounds!!!
God Bless!


Finally on the Front Page!!!


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2012-12-11 18:04:21

congratz on the front page i liked it hope you make more

EthanAlways responds:

Thanks a lot man! I'll be sure to keep it up!


2012-12-11 18:44:53

how you get on frontpage?!

Also grats on all the awesomeness!

EthanAlways responds:

Thank you thank you, sir!
I'm just trying to get super involved!


2012-12-11 19:34:17

Front page extraordinaire!

EthanAlways responds:

For some reason those words together just freak me out!


2012-12-11 23:10:29

trust me its overrated

EthanAlways responds:

Psh! Debbie downer, I'M SUPER STOKED!


2012-12-12 01:28:16

Congratualations, hope stuff goes well

EthanAlways responds:

Thanks! I will try not to let you down! JUST YOU.


2012-12-12 12:01:19

Congratz Ethan! I hope to see more front pagers from ya!

EthanAlways responds:

Thanks! I hope to work again with you soon!


2012-12-12 20:11:25

Well someone made it to the big leagues pretty gosh darn fast!

EthanAlways responds:

I just tried to meet as many awesome people, like yourself, as possible!!!
More connections = more projects, and friends!