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New cartoon I made!!!! Happy Endings!

2013-01-04 05:25:59 by EthanAlways

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years filled with lots of family, friends, fun and food!

I also finally finished and uploaded my first totally solo flash animation, a series, called, "Happy Endings"

I'm really proud of my progress considering I've only been using flash since maybe this July.

These buttons in Flash are the devil's seed I tell you what (Hank Hill voice)

Thanks to everyone who's helped me out with learning this program, especially FrozenFire, Veselekov, and redminus.

Please check out my video here --->

Also, please vote, comment and leave me feedback for upcoming episodes! It would be appreciated!

Next, in a few days I will be flying to Germany to study abroad for a whole semester!

I'm getting really excited about it all and I really hope that I'll have a blast (I'm sure I will) hopefully

continuing to animate at a steady pace to produce monthly content. Wish me luck guys!!!

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Thanks for all your support!!! God Bless!


New cartoon I made!!!! Happy Endings!


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2013-01-04 17:17:51

Yeah it was really good, I make out with my boyfriend on the floor and I eat shrimp.


2013-01-05 16:38:15

SpoonFullTits definitely knows how to party I wanna party with that guy


2013-03-13 14:02:53

(*Jerks off in front of your cartoons*)

Oh yeah baby that's the stuff!!!!!