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I'm in Colorado!!! (casual update)

2014-07-05 02:46:03 by EthanAlways

Oh, my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL newground-(ers?) How I've missed your bright and shining faces! 

Here's a quick update! First off, I GRADUATED!!! The single most happiest day of my life thus far was finally being able to say, "I never have to go back to school." Gosh, what a load off of this ol' soul's chest! So now that I have a degree in visualization with a specialization in game design all I have to do is find a job, but I'll save that frustrating process for a later post maybe. 

Right now I'm spending a few days in Colorado for a spontaneous road trip that me and some dudes decided to take. Driving from Texas to Colorado wasn't that bad either and it really does feel amazing to get out and enjoy the change in scenery. Tomorrow we'll be heading up to Pikes Peak to enjoy the sick view I'm sure were bound to see, and then maybe be descending back to Texas later that evening or on Sunday afternoon. 

I was thinking that once I get back it would be cool to host a Google Hangout for who ever would like to join and get to know some new people (or old friends) from the NG community!!! Let me know if its something you'd be interested in, and I'd love to meet you all! 

ALSO! If you're reading this and I owe you voice overs, do not fret! Now you know that I've been on a little vacation and I intend to have those lines to you ASAP!!! <3 In the meanwhile check out this picture of my sexy self trying to be Giovanni from Pokemon. I LOVE YOU ALL!




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2014-07-05 04:00:23

Colorado is one of the most pristine and breathtaking places in the world. Having spent many years in Colorado, I still have not been to Pikes Peak...


2014-07-05 13:54:57

Lookin' ill, dude. Keep on doing what you do.


2014-07-05 19:49:55

South park


2014-07-06 00:12:45

google hangouttttt

if Im not working or busy text me anyway maybe I can